• Location: Raipur
  • About AlishaMother of a cochlear implant recipient
  • Hearing Loss Type: Bilateral Profound Hearing Loss

My Child's Hearing Journey 

Until she was six months old, we did not notice her responses towards sounds. One day when our pet dog was barking more than he usually does, our daughter was not responding. We thought this was strange, and that’s when we decided to visit a doctor.

We were informed that she might have hearing problems. To confirm it, hearing evaluation was done and she was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both ears. We were then referred to a cochlear implant surgeon in Delhi. There, we learnt about solutions for profound hearing loss including cochlear implants and different companies making this device.

Life with my child after her Cochlear Implantation

We believe that the sooner we get a diagnosis and the earlier we intervene, the better it is for the child’s overall development. We feel we were fortunate to discover her hearing difficulty when she was only six months old. It was certainly difficult for us to understand and learn the necessary steps to overcome the problem while being emotionally broken about it. Our hard work paid off.

After cochlear implantation, she is developing like a perfectly normal hearing child. We feel the cochlear implant is a miracle device. Just like people with weak eye sight wear glasses, she is happy to wear her hearing device. 

For us, the best thing is that our child’s hearing loss is not a disability anymore and she is able to express herself as a child of her age should. We are thankful and grateful to have a solution like cochlear implants which enable and empower individuals to lead a normal life. We are sure that the technology will evolve further with time. 

My Role as a Mentor

I look forward to supporting families to make their hearing journey simpler and easier to understand. We can achieve this by sharing our experience and guide these families in their life with a cochlear implant.

Top Tip

In my experience the one thing that I would suggest is to go for bilateral implants for a richer hearing experience. For a hearing loss like my daughter’s, if implantation is done early enough, the child can communicate like any normal hearing child, hear everything and can learn any language unlike with hearing aids.