K Uma Devi

  • Location: Vizianagaram
  • About K Uma DeviMother of a cochlear implant recipient
  • Hearing Loss Type: Bilateral profound hearing loss
  • Hobbies: Social service

My Child's Hearing Journey 

Our son was diagnosed with hearing loss during his 5th month. From the 9th month onwards. our son started using his hearing aid and started his habilitation. Even after attending listening therapy with hearing aids, the results were not fruitful, and hence, he started attending a school for special children. We found out about cochlear implants when our son was 8 years old.

Life with my child after his Cochlear Implantation

Life has been interesting. Before the implants, he couldn’t understand the world of sounds around him but now he can understand and live life fully.

We have gone through a lot of struggle and worked very hard to come to the present stage. Learning speech and language was difficult at the age he got his implants, but our son can converse in Hindi and English fluently now. Despite struggling to compete with his peers academically and socially, he scored 85% in 11th and 12th standard exams. He was further selected in 6 national entrance exams and now studies at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Our son is intrigued by the world around him, and has developed his skills in painting, designing, swimming and various other activities. Our son has become an independent adult who likes to explore the world through trekking. He has been on solo treks to Sar Pass, Dalhousie, Deo-Tibba and Leh.

My Role as a Mentor

Being the mother, I took it upon myself to be a mentor in our son’s life. It was my responsibility to make sure that the implants were beneficial and that my child could hear and talk like any other child. It was a delightful role to play in our son’s life, as it not only brought us closer, but I also got a chance to support my child to believe in himself and gain the confidence required to face the world.

My Top Tip

Work hard. Always believe in yourself and your child. Be the backbone for your child’s learning, and do not compare him/her with other cochlear implant users, since everyone’s journey to success is different, yet we all seek to arrive at the same destination.