• Location: New Delhi
  • About KhyatiMother of a cochlear implant recipient
  • Hearing Loss Type: Bilateral Profound hearing loss
  • Hobbies: Sketching, Craft and Singing

MY Child's Hearing journey

When my child was 2 years old, she was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss. That’s when we started our journey to find ways to help our child hear.

My child went through a series of tests as prescribed by the clinicians at multiple hospitals, as we could not get a clear understanding of her situation and each test differed. Since there was no prior history of hearing loss in our family, we were deeply shattered and had no experience or understanding of how to be parents to a child with a hearing loss.  

After getting no benefit from hearing aids, we decided to explore cochlear implants for her and made a choice from a few cochlear implant models available for our child. We chose SYNCHRONY since we wanted the thinnest implant that would best fit for our 2-year old child. We were further convinced of this model because of its compatibility with 3T MRI scans, if ever needed in the future. We decided on the RONDO processor as it was the only single unit, small and inconspicuous processor available in the market then.

life with my child after her cochlear implantation

My child got a new life after receiving her cochlear implants. We worked on developing listening and language skills with our child, through fun, play-way and interactive conversational activities. We strolled out in the nature so that she could explore and enjoy the sounds in nature. To immerse her in conversation at home, I made many craft items for stories and as teaching aids. She now studies in a mainstream school and is doing well in her studies as well as in sports. I am a singer, and have included her in my bhajan and prayers sessions, which she picked up well. Now she sings beautifully. She is happy as she believes that she has special magical ears which not everyone has. She is growing up as a confident child who makes friends easily and likes to communicate so much, that I call her my little chatter box.

My role as a mentor

Since I have gone through an emotional, but fruitful journey to help my child shine in this world, I would like to offer my services to make life better for other parents of children with hearing loss. I have understood the value of hearing- sound is so precious. I want to share my experience and help others also discover success and happiness in their hearing journeys. Offering this help to others on the similar journey will give me much personal fulfilment.

my top tip

We should not start this journey with negative notions. We must keep making the efforts needed for the child with absolute conviction and one day, we will achieve the results we desire.