• Location: Delhi/Pune
  • About VishalFather of a cochlear implant recipient
  • Hearing Loss Type: Severe to Profound in left ear
    moderate HL in right ear
  • Hobbies: Drawing, playing Lego, swimming & engineering toys

My child's hearing journey

It was just another Saturday afternoon when my wife marched up to me and complained about my then 18 months old son not listening to her and that he was just busy playing all the time. At that moment, I don’t know what struck me, but I got both of them in a car and there we were, on our way to see a doctor.

What followed is history. It was 24th Aug 2013, by the next day we had his hearing evaluation done, and on 26th Aug it was clear that my son had a hearing loss. It felt like a severe jolt and our whole life came crashing down! We kept checking our son’s hearing the whole evening with toys to look for proof that the test results were wrong.

Life with my Child after his cochlear implantation

God was kind and we found one of the best teams of surgeon, audiologist and speech therapist under one roof in Pune. My child’s first words were with the help of his hearing aids, but something was amiss all these years till we decided to go for a cochlear implant for our son. With each passing day since he had his cochlear implant, my son’s speech clarity has improved immensely, his listening skills have advanced multi folds After our child was implanted we had shifted from the city of his implantation where in the new city, we had our share of challenges for his rehabilitation and speech therapy. It took some time and we overcame the difficulties. As a result, our son is progressing well and is today even more confident to face the unknown, and most importantly, is a happy child. We continue to get excellent support from the implant company.

My role as a mentor

I wish to use this platform to help individuals with hearing loss, regardless of their age. I intend to give back all my learnings and experiences of all these years to people who are still undecided about going ahead with cochlear implants and thereby lose crucial time.

My top tip

In my view, for children, regular speech therapy sessions for at least 1 year after receiving an implant along with rigorous home sessions are essential for their development.