Medication and alternative therapies can cure permanent hearing loss

Permanent hearing loss cannot be cured with medication or alternative therapies.


The success rate of cochlear implant surgery is very less

Cochlear implantation is a highly specialised, reliable and recommended practice for managing hearing loss worldwide.


There is no need of cochlear implants, hearing aids are good enough as a solution for hearing loss

When optimal benefits cannot be achieved with hearing aids for management of hearing loss, cochlear implant is recommended as the ideal solution.


People get electric shock due to cochlear implant

Cochlear implants meet highest international safety standards. They use electrical stimulation but do not give any kind of electrical shock.


Delay in implantation is okay

Hearing loss is a neurolinguistic emergency. A child needs to be able to hear in order to learn to speak and pronounce words correctly. If they can’t hear themselves soon enough, they will not be able to develop normal speech and language. Earlier the implantation, better the outcomes.


There are no implantable solutions/ hearing devices for conductive hearing loss

Bone conduction implants and devices are best possible solutions for conductive hearing loss where medical management is not possible.


My child will start speaking as soon as cochlear implantation is done

Speaking skills do not develop in a day. Even after cochlear implantation, the child needs to go through the various stages of listening, language and speech development to be able to communicate.


Getting cochlear implants is enough. No rehabilitation is needed

Cochlear implants provide ‘access to hearing’. For a child to attend to sounds, associate meaning to sounds and sophisticate communication through various faculties, considerable amount of auditory habilitation is required. 


Post lingual adults do not require any rehabilitation

Cochlear implantation done at any age requires auditory (re)-habilitation. In adults, rehabilitation is necessary to retrain the auditory skills through cochlear implant.


If I am a hearing implant user, my career options are limited

Hearing implants/devices enable you to hear optimally, making it possible to choose any suitable career option.


Cochlear implants are expensive

The opportunity cost of not having a cochlear implant done is much more than the cost of implantation. Cochlear implantation helps a person with hearing loss be a productive citizen of the society.